About Ascent

Ascent Living Communities espouses a profound depth and background in the areas of senior living and long-term care market research, project formation and development, programming, financial modeling, capital structuring, operations management, marketing management, sales, leasing, cash flow stabilization, asset management, health care integration, and strategic planning. Our founders’ nearly 60 years of combined professional backgrounds have generated many success stories as well as challenges that we have learned from, all of which we continue to build upon for a steady foundation.

The Ascent Founders are notable for their roll‐up‐your‐sleeves, detailed, and focused approach that is further augmented by creating a familial environment within each senior living community we own and/or operate. We create highly successful and market differentiated communities that we can hang our hats on. We are ambitious; however, we have the discipline and patience to operate within our means.

Ascent Living Communities

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6025 S Quebec St Ste 115 Centennial, CO

Our Tenets

At Ascent Living Communities, We Elevate Senior Living by adhering to fundamental tenets which differentiate us in the market. We take pride in delivering superior service to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Tell them what they need to know, not what they want to hear
  • Recognizing they have a choice in where they live
  • Weaving an intergenerational spirit into the operating model is like pumping pure oxygen into the blood stream
  • Go beyond standardized policy and procedure manuals, inspire creative thinking, reward excellence, and make the work environment the envy of all
  • Remember, there is no such thing as a “facility”

Our Tenets in Action

Our company tenets are personified in five categories in order to provide actionable best practices and standards. This ensures that when a resident or family member chooses an Ascent community, a new associate joins our team, a new property is acquired, or a new investor or client comes onboard, every aspect of their experience is in line with the Ascent promise to elevate senior living.​

Whether you’re in the market for a new home for yourself or a loved one, an interested investor or client, or a senior living professional looking for careers with Ascent, we want to hear from you.


  • Empower them
  • Pay tribute and respect
  • Be attentive to their wishes and requests
  • Make it fun
  • Maximize their ability to maintain independence and dignity
Extended Family

  • Remember that they influence resident referrals and are also customers
  • Recognize they are not trained to take care of aging parents
  • Integrate them into the culture of each of our senior living communities
  • Education forums and sensitivity support groups

  • Foster cross-training and multi-tasking. All associates have 3 job descriptions, namely:
    1. Primary function
    2. Each is a marketing representative of the community they work for
    3. Anything and everything else within physical means
  • Every department is a wheel and every staff member a spoke….create a sense of team
  • Identify with credentialed staff with a high degree of integrity and professionalism
Each Community

  • Make each senior living community the market leader
  • Integrate each senior living community within the society of each town and market they are situated so they are identified and accepted as part of the neighborhood
  • Help stimulate the local economy and purchase goods and services from within the local market
Investors & Clients

  • Our Founders are the infantry and we work closely the people that invest in and with us
  • We Listen
  • We Care
  • We Execute
  • We exceed normative operational efficiencies by applying fresh ideas with a unique perspective
  • We are upfront and open‐minded